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October 28, 2020
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November 11, 2020

What is it about and what is its importance?

DATE: November 2020
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Exercise

RM Trainer agrees that it will be extremely important that you complement your training with rest, nutrition and relaxation to increase your evolution.

The truth is that not too much is said about invisible training. In addition to the daily physical exercise routine at the gym or the practice of your favorite group classes, there is another type of training that is just as important as physical activity itself.

As a consequence of regular physical exercises practice, an energy expenditure is produced in the body that can limit both the intensity and the duration of the training itself. This is why invisible training takes on special importance, as it helps to optimize workouts, delay the onset of fatigue, improve recovery between sessions and reduce the injury risk.

In order to recover energy expenditure and repair possible muscle or fibrillary discomfort, invisible training should be part of your physical exercise routine. Complementing both workouts, the common and the invisible, will be the key to success to boost your progression and maintain the ideal body composition.

What is invisible training?


Essential for the body functioning and for the people´s health. In the training area, rest is a very important part, especially to understand evolution and progress, because with rest we allow muscle recovery to be faster and greater.

In addition, rest provides greater muscle growth and better performance in the training itself. Taking a rest day between sessions is important, but it is also important to sleep well and have a good night's rest. As part of your day-to-day training and well-being, getting the hours needed for your body and mind to rest will be essential to staying healthy and energized.


Nutrition plays a fundamental role in people's fitness and health, so it is also part of an invisible workout. The food that an athlete eats directly affects the ability to recover after a workout, the feeling of muscle fatigue and even the appearance of injuries. Avoid foods that do not provide a lot of nutrients and are rich in saturated fat, and you should increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.


Stretching your muscles on a daily basis relieves the tension accumulated in the exercises. This tension must be treated and relieved to prevent it from resulting in possible discomfort or injury. However, the benefits of muscle stretching also include greater flexibility, joint health and support for optimal blood circulation.


Accompanying daily stretches, you should also take the opportunity to perform breathing and relaxation exercises. Taking time to breathe deeply, do some yoga exercises or meditate will have many benefits for holistic well-being that are later reflected in sports performance.

As extra care to relax your body and mind and promote recovery, you can make regular visits to the physiotherapist or osteopath to enjoy sports massages that help to relieve muscle tension or other treatments to restore and help preserve and practice activities safely and optimally.

For all these reasons, we should agree with the old maxim that argues that sometimes, rest is the best training!