The virtual world is not the future, but the present!


Online training is nowadays, and more and more, a very present reality in our society. Now, does it make sense to follow all the online classes we find on social networks, without careful selection?

Some cautions to take:

  • Typology of training: does any training serve your goals?
  • Personal: are the exercises the most suitable for your physical condition?
  • Safety: are you performing the exercises correctly at a technical level?
  • Adaptation: do you have the autonomy to adapt the exercises, thus avoiding those that you will not be able to do due to some limitation or pathology you may have?
  • Periodization: do you take into account the excessive overload in the same muscle groups or joints that can happen repeatedly, without respecting an indicated recovery period?


Workout at home, or wherever you want. But do it with a competent professional who knows how to guide you in your training process and helps you to achieve your goals, technically correcting you at your preferred time, taking into account the physical conditions, spatial and material resources.

There's nothing like having a Personal Trainer at home, on vacation, or even abroad, just a video call away!

Select your preferred platform (Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, etc.) and have your smartphone or tablet device with a charged battery. Your Trainer will take care of all the rest!


What if you had your entire training process built into your smartphone / tablet and could consult it at any time?

Yes, it is possible!

RM Trainer makes available to all its customers a completely personal application, adapted to each one conditions.

Know the advantages:

  • Get your entire training process in your pocket
  • 24h access
  • Accessible for IOS and Android systems
  • Easy handling
  • Physical assessments record (graphic illustration)
  • Workouts totally customized to you
  • All the exercises illustrated on video
  • Train wherever you want (home, work, garden, beach, etc.)
  • Train when you want. Training is scheduled, you can run it whenever you want, even on your vacations
  • Access to virtual classes (advised by your Trainer)
  • Periodic lives with your Trainer
  • Very affordable value

Your goals, your current physical condition, possible limitations / injuries, space where you want to train, available material will always be taken into account.

Constant monitoring and evaluation of developments.

Your Trainer will take care of everything!

Get it now!