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October 21, 2020
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November 3, 2020

RM Trainer is proud to present another success story!

DATE: October 2020
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

This time, it is nothing more, nothing less, than Ricardo Silva who is, since last Sunday, the new National Champion of Speed Motorcycling 600cc Cup Dunlop Motoval Class 1.

But returning to the beginning of the process, Ricardo contacted RM Trainer in order to lose some weight, increase his physical endurance and become more agile, which would facilitate his expertise in driving the bike.

However, limiting the training process, there was a knee injury, which prevented quite a few movements in our training. But with the help of the excellent Physiotherapist Cristino Rodrigues from Fisiodesporto Loulé we managed to adapt the exercises so that Ricardo would not feel pain.

Fortunately, we can congratulate ourselves that all these goals have been achieved in a period of time as short as these last 4 weeks.

All thanks to the enormous commitment of Ricardo who devoted himself daily to the process in such a way that he came to the test in a totally renewed form, both physically and animically and with much more confidence, factors that added to his enormous talent gave him a categorical victory in the last test of the season, which earned him the national title.

Here is more proof that when we focus and dedicate ourselves daily to a cause, success will eventually arrive. Many congratulations to Ricardo, who even before reaching the race was already ahead of the competitors, without even knowing it himself, this was the difference to the previous month where he had held the last race.

May this be another example of motivation for all who strive for their goals. Don't give up at the first setback!

RM Trainer takes the opportunity to also communicate that, from this moment on, it will be happy to be one of the sponsors and supporters of Ricardo Silva's team for the next season!

As for you Ricardo, today we celebrate the victory ... but tomorrow we will begin to outline new goals, because the true champions not only reach the top but also remain there!