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April 1, 2020
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April 15, 2020

Discover 4 ways to boost your immune system!

According to a Boomfit article, the immune system's main objective is to preserve our health and well-being, protecting our organism from possible diseases and infections.

DATE: April 2020
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Health

This system must work correctly, being able to detect and distinguish what is healthy for our body from what is not, such as viruses and parasites.

With the appearance of Covid-19, doubts began to emerge on how to strengthen our immune system in order to fight and succeed in defeating the “enemies” of our body.

However, it is important to mention that the fact that you have a strengthened immune system does not mean that you are free from becoming infected with the virus, it can simply make you more resistant to aggression and capable of dealing with possible problems. . The process of strengthening the immune system should be continuous and regular, as a preventive measure.

Thus, here are some measures that are able to strengthen your immune system and that you can easily adopt in your day-to-day.

How to strengthen your immune system?


It is not new to anyone how important it is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, based on foods rich in micronutrients.

As the National Health Service says: “An adequate nutritional and hydration status generally contributes to an optimized immune system and to a better recovery of individuals in a disease situation.”

So, it is essential that in your day-to-day increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits, reduce excessive energy consumption and avoid excess sugar, salt and processed foods. Reading labels and consuming fresh produce are actions of great importance for your health.


The practice of regular physical exercise is one of the pillars for a healthy and active life, as it allows to improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, help control body weight and protect against a wide variety of diseases.

Like a healthy diet, exercise can contribute to overall good health and therefore to a healthy immune system.

Being at home is no excuse for not training. That said, it is very important that at this stage maintain an active lifestyle, practicing physical activity, which should always be adapted and the most suitable for you.

Exercise regularly and consistently, opting for exercises that work multiple muscles simultaneously. Not knowing what to do in this area, you should seek help from a qualified professional. At this moment there was an authentic boom of rights on social networks with training of the most varied types, but after all they may not be the most suitable for you. Be cautious in your choices.


Maintaining a good state of hydration is essential for a strengthened immune system. According to the SNS, it is important to drink water throughout the day, about 1.5 to 2L, which is equivalent to approximately 8 glasses.

A great tip to get more water is to make teas or waters flavored with fruit or mint and mint leaves. This way, it will give a very pleasant taste to the water, being an incentive to drink more.


Several studies confirm the relationship between obesity and the imbalance of the immune system. In addition, it is a risk factor for the increase of possible infections and respiratory problems, both in children and adults.

In short, it is important to maintain a healthy weight and appropriate to your body type, not only for a physical reason, but mainly to preserve your health.

Now that you know some ways to boost your immune system, it is also important to know factors that can negatively affect you.

According to Harvard Medical School, these are the factors to be avoided in order not to harm your immune system:

- Smoking and consuming alcohol without moderation

- Having an unbalanced sleep routine

- Nutrient deficit

- Stress

- Excess fat, sugar, salt and processed foods in the diet

- Having a sedentary routine

It is true that this is an exceptional situation and that we were not prepared for it. Now, it is up to each one to decide how to protect themselves and face the situation in the best way.

Take the opportunity to do what you did not do due to the constant “lack of time” (or desire…). Be with yours, read a book, meditate, reinvent yourself and prepare for the future! In short, focus on solutions, not problems. Protect yourself and stay at home! Be smart and strong, both physically and emotionally. Sooner or later, everything will pass ...