How to cut down on sugar?

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April 8, 2020
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Is it so hard to get it?

It is no secret that sugar is harmful to health. So let's look at some ways we can remove it from our diet.

DATE: April 2020
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Health

Sugary soft drinks, packaged juices, processed desserts, sausages, sauces, etc. There are a large number of products that show that sugar consumption is intrinsic to our daily diet. Virtually everything we eat or drink contains a certain amount of added sugar, which in some cases increases to levels of growing concern for health and nutrition institutions and organizations.

Unlike years ago, society is increasingly aware of the damage caused by sugar in our body. For this reason, more and more consumer brands are innovating and transforming their products with ingredients that can, in some way, replace refined sugar.

But are there ways to eat in a nutritious and pleasant way, giving up sugar? The answer is yes, and many! These are 5 formulas that can help eliminate you completely from your diet:

- Try other sweeteners: it is one of the most used, accessible and healthy techniques that exist to forget sugar. Ingredients such as stevia, cinnamon, honey, cereals, aspartame, maple syrup or agave are nutritious and rich in minerals that can sweeten up breakfast, like desserts in a delicious way.

- Integrate fruits in your daily diet: it is another way to relieve the desire for sweets in a healthy and tasty way. Fruits such as bananas, pears, pineapples or strawberries or sweet vegetables, such as pumpkin or beets, can sweeten your dishes with nothing to envy sugar.

- Change your refreshing drinks: Carbonated drinks are often introduced into our diet in a dangerous and subtle way due to the mode of consumption complementary to our meals. If you drink them regularly, try to alternate them with other products, such as natural fruit juices, teas, infusions or water flavors, for example. You will see how little by little you can reduce their consumption more and more, replacing them with healthier drinks.

- Pay attention to what you buy: Many of the products that attract attention in the supermarket contain indications such as "no added sugar" or "light" on the packaging. If you look at the composition, you will see that these products, although they do not contain an extra dose of sugar like others, still have an important basis for this ingredient. If you want to reduce your sugar consumption, try to go without these products or minimize your consumption to something sporadic.

- Get rid of fastfood: Innocently perceived by many people, fast food can be a real problem if you incorporate it into your diet frequently. In addition to being manufactured with raw material, in many cases, of low quality, it contains high levels of sugars and fats that are not healthy for the body. It may be tempting due to its price, speed of consumption and sweet taste, but it is highly discouraged.

At the beginning of the process, completely eliminating sugars from day-to-day life may require a little sacrifice and depending on the amount of sugar you consume each day. But it is possible to achieve! And when you get and discover its benefits, you can be sure that the desire to eat it regularly goes away.

Look after yourself, your body and your health. Be smart in your choices!