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February 9, 2022
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Psychological well-being and motivation will be key to determining our activity in 2022.

DATE: February 2022
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

Dinamic says that, according to data from the Basic-Fit network, during 2021 the most popular in-person group classes were those of Booty, Body Combat, Zumba and Body Pump. In turn, in the virtual world (increasingly in vogue), the most followed classes were Barbell, ABS and Core, Bootcamp and Booty.

For this year, hybrid training, strength exercises, mini-training and new technologies will be the main protagonists.

RM Trainer describes here what, according to Basic-Fit experts, will be expected to happen in gym chains and what types of training will be most sought after for this year that is now starting:

Virtual workouts will continue to increase. Its “à la carte” offer allows gym classes to be adapted to users' schedules and not the other way around, which is a great advantage. Although the in-person option is always more fun, technology makes it easier to plan training to meet the consumer.

Hybrid workouts: Being able to combine the benefits of working out in the gym with those of working out at home is the future of fitness and means having all the benefits of both options at your fingertips. More and more gyms are increasing the option of offering this combination of in-person and virtual classes.

Training mindfulness within Yoga and Pilates classes or doing guided meditation will be increasingly required tools to combat stress, connect mind and body and achieve complete well-being.

Mini Workouts: Growing trend designed to stay in shape when there's not a lot of free time. These are short but intense workouts that can be done at home or during a break from work. A HIIT or Tabata workout, or even a quick indoor cycling workout, can be the perfect alternative for those who can't commit to a longer workout.

Strength Training: Strengthening the body with weight training will continue to be popular in 2022, but the focus is now more on free weights and functional strength training. You won't need a lot of weights or big equipment to get in shape. Body weight interspersed with smaller weights is also very effective.

Apps and online personal trainer: Mobile applications will continue to be consolidated during this year. Its use makes it easier and more fun to create healthy habits, and allows you to reach your fitness goals anytime, anywhere.

Also according to the surveys carried out, motivation and state of mind will be fundamental to determine our actions and movements. More than 90% of people said they felt greater strength and mental well-being, were happier and improved their self-esteem through sports.

RM Trainer follows several of these trends with its personal functional strength training, both in person and online. Its customers are fully autonomous to carry out their homework with short, high-intensity workouts properly prescribed and guided through a very simple to use App, therefore a hybrid process.

Consult us now and find out how we can help you achieve your best physical shape!

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