Can I improve Surfing?

Can I improve Tennis/Padel?
May 17, 2022
How long are the sessions?
June 1, 2022

Following on from last week's publication regarding Tennis/Padel, this week we address Surf where we can also follow the same line.

DATE: May 2022
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Exercise

This is a very popular sport, both in the Algarve and in some areas of Lisbon. As such, we try to be well prepared to serve with quality those who decide to request our Personal Training services, taking into account the improvement of the physical condition that allows them to evolve more easily in the practice of Surfing.

Once again, we are not specialists in this sport, we were able to adapt the training and direct it to the most important and common movements of the same. The same goes for other modalities, if you are interested.

Get a functional training fully adapted to you where we will address your main gaps or difficulties trying to improve them. You will certainly feel more agile when you return to the water.

Why don´t you try it?


It will be worth it!