3 Nutrition myths

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May 5, 2021
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It is known that the Nutrition area is much discussed and, many times, the more we read about the subject, the more doubts we have, because the information is constantly contradictory.

DATE: May 2021
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Health

There are many certainties but also several myths about nutrition, which even after being proven through studies that are nothing more than that, continue to circulate as being absolute truths.

RM Trainer chose to uncover 3 of these myths here:

- The consumption of eggs is not healthy due to the amount of cholesterol they contain. The truth is that the cholesterol that eggs contain does not increase blood cholesterol, in fact they even increase good cholesterol (HDL). As such, its regular and moderate consumption will even be advisable.

- High protein intake is bad for your bones and kidneys. Evidence points that long-term protein consumption improves our bone health and even a lower risk of fractures. Just as studies have also shown no association between high protein consumption and kidney disease. As with everything in life, a balance in your intake is recommended.

- We should choose light foods, as they are healthier. These products are loaded with sweeteners and even though they are devoid of calories, the evidence is that they are not the best choices for your health, as they are highly processed foods and therefore, unhealthy. It will always be important to make a good reading of the labels.

The Nutrition universe is full of untruths that endure for many years, conditioning healthier choices for the general population.

So, it will be very important to be informed because what you eat conditions your health on a large scale. In case of doubt, never hesitate to seek the help of a professional in the field, in this case, a nutritionist.

Be healthy and smart when choosing your food!