Should I use Fivefingers?

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August 6, 2019
Spine mobility
August 28, 2019

5 reasons to use Fivefingers, among many others…

For many, there are many reservations about this type of footwear. Here are some of the advantages of its use.

DATE: August 2019
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Health

1- Strengthens the muscles of the feet and legs, generally improving the health of your feet reducing the risks of future problems;

2- Improves range of motion in ankles, feet and toes;

3- Stimulates important neurological functions for balance and agility: when using Fivefingers vibrate, thousands of neurological receptors on the feet send valuable information to the brain, improving balance and agility;

4- Improves body awareness and awareness: the same neurological receptors increase body awareness by sending messages about body mechanics, shape and movement;

5- Eliminates heel lift, aligns the spine for better posture - lowering the heel, our body weight is evenly distributed over the sole of the foot, providing good posture.

If in doubt, the best solution is to really try it and feel the difference.