How to reach your goals

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September 11, 2019
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October 2, 2019

Get to know how to reach your goals

Cocco, M. argues that if you really want to achieve your goals, there are a few things to keep in mind when setting them.

DATE: September 2019
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

Get to know the 10 principles on goal-setting that will ensure your achievement, according to Claudio Zanutim explains in the book “How to build goals & achievable goals”.

1 - The whole objective must be attainable, that is, it must be possible to achieve it. Goals must be challenging, not impossible.

2 - Any objective must be consistent with the company philosophy (in the case of corporate goals) or individual philosophy (in the case of personal goals).

3 - To set a goal, you must compare the relationship between costs and benefits.

4 - Do not be afraid to make mistakes during the achievement of goals, because mistakes and learning are part of the construction process.

5 - Any goal must be motivating. So when you get it done, celebrate. It is deserved.

6 - When we talk about companies, the objectives should be defined in order of importance, so set priorities.

7 - Any objective must be quantifiable. How much? And if possible when!

8 - The objectives should be clear. The easier it is to understand them, the easier it will be to reach them, especially when they involve many people.

9 - Any objective must be registered. When you write them, when you get the idea on paper, you increase your chance of reaching them by 67%.

10 - Any goal must be able to be broken down. Set goals and submit, set the goal in steps, so it will be easier to achieve and give you the ability to make much faster corrections without compromising the whole.

When you create a goal, go all the way! All but give up!