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February 24, 2021
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Back muscle pain is common in the vast majority of the population due to the current hectic pace of life.

DATE: March 2021
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Health

We often use the expression: "today I can't stand my legs!" But we must know that it is the back, not the legs, that support our weight and calibrate our body balance.

Well, if we have a strong and flexible back, we can avoid possible muscle aches that arise daily due to bad postures. In addition, if we have sufficiently trained muscles, we will protect our spine from any impact or accident.

So, what to do to take care of your back?

Practicing physical activity to reduce tension is essential, but also doing a lot of back stretching before and after exercise. We must keep in mind that the back is the body structure that supports the most weight and we must “loosen” it regularly. Believe it or not, mobility and flexibility training will help you a lot to keep your muscles stretched and in good shape.

Why should I stretch my back?

To improve the health of the same. Stretching is the most effective method (if done weekly) for good joint mobility. In this way, the muscles are in good shape and future injuries are avoided. In addition, we must add that the gain of elasticity in the muscles and tendons generates a great improvement in the movement capacity of the human body. And even better, by regularly stretching, we avoid the dreaded muscle contractures and the feeling of fatigue lessens.

How do I stretch my back?

Important: Stretch over a wide area to have freedom of movement. Once you find the right place, you can start your exercise routine. Stretches must be maintained for a specified time, between 15 and 30 seconds.

You must keep in mind that stretching does not mean feeling pain in the muscles, as the movements must be done smoothly and slowly. Use a mat or towel to make the stretch surface more comfortable.

How often should I stretch?

It is advisable to introduce stretching into your daily routine as something that is part of it. You are sure to notice major changes on the physical as well as the mental level. Consult with an exercise specialist so that during stretching you do not perform postures that may cause muscle damage. This help will also motivate you to regularly adopt habits before and after exercise.

RM Trainer advises and provides functional mobility training adapted to the characteristics of each one.

Discover some of the most suitable exercises for better postural control with a focus on stabilizing the spine, strengthening the back muscles and toning the abdomen. Exercises that bring you great benefits and will help you release tension.

After trying one of these sessions you will clearly notice the lack of mobility and the transfer you have to your daily life. You will never look at stretching with the same eyes again!