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July 26, 2022
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August 9, 2022

With the arrival of summer and vacation, the frenetic pace of work ends and routines disappear, but with this, good habits such as movement and physical activity are also affected.


DATE: August 2022
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira |Health

In summer and with the high temperatures, life becomes more sedentary due to plans to relax on the beach, in the pool, on a small terrace, etc. and with meals away, food becomes less healthy and nutritious and can end up gaining weight.So, even if the work routine disappears and you even deserve a break, it will be very important to take care of yourself and stay active during this period.

RM Trainer leaves here some tips taken from an article from the Metropolitan Magazine so that you don't lose your rhythm or your physical shape during this vacation.

Take care of your diet- A good diet is a fundamental element for your health and fitness, but during the holidays with meals out with friends, snacks, ice cream, drinks, alcohol... if an unbalanced diet. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to your diet and, if you go to a restaurant, choose the healthiest and most nutritious options or, if not, make up for it with a healthier next meal that includes fruits and vegetables. It is also important to avoid overeating, eat in moderate amounts, and not eat between meals.

Hydrate often - As you well know, hydration is also a very important part of your well-being and in the summer with high temperatures it is necessary to drink a lot of water often, but especially during physical activity. In addition, to avoid dehydration, it is advisable not to consume alcoholic beverages or those containing stimulants.

Dedicate some time daily to movement - You should not fail to do some physical activity daily. You can do a little routine with a list of exercises that your PT has sent you to do (as with the RM Trainer App), preferably in the cooler hours. You can also go for a walk or run on the beach, swim in the sea, go for a bike ride, go hiking, etc. Also, if you are traveling, it will be a great option to take a walk and discover new places while exercising your body.

Practice summer sports - This is a good time to try new things and practice water sports such as paddle surfing, sailing, diving. It can be a different and fun plan to do with your partner, family or friends.

Sleep the necessary hours - Last but not least, you should also remember that it is necessary to sleep about 8 hours a day to have energy and regain strength. In addition, getting a good night's sleep helps you maintain a healthy weight, as lack of sleep increases your appetite.

RM Trainer advises you to make the most of all the work you've done during the rest of the year and actively enjoy your vacation so that you don't totally miss out on the good you've achieved.

There's time for everything! Stay fit and healthy on your vacation, so getting back into your routine will also be less difficult.