Surf & Fitness at home – 2nd edition

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April 22, 2020
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May 6, 2020

The first edition of the Surf & Fitness project at home, organized by the Clube de Surf Faro, was a huge success!

RM Trainer will participate in a new edition of this project! It is already on the 5th of May 2020, at 10am and you can follow on the official pages of the Clube de Surf Faro and RM Trainer, on Facebook.

DATE: April 2020
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

The global situation we are going through has forced us into enormous confinement, which limits us greatly and deprives us of doing our favorite activities. However, there are ways to turn the situation around and, through social networks, we can reach anywhere and get our message across.

The objective of this project was to provide people with some fitness classes with a component more focused on nautic activities in order to satisfy, not only their members but also an entire population that likes to stay active and, in this way, manage train at home in a fun and oriented way, through rights.

This initiative was greatly enriched with the participation of excellent professionals in the Fitness area, who made a great qualitative contribution in the sessions. RM Trainer reiterates that it has great pleasure to be able to be present among this elite.

As is well known, in order to have a totally healthy lifestyle we must always combine physical exercise with good nutrition and healthy food. So, the Clube de Surf Faro went even further in this project and, in addition to the Fitness component, also invited some renowned chefs in the Faro area so that they could share some ideas on how we should eat, even in these difficult times.

Excellent idea that further enriched this initiative!

Once the objectives of the first edition were successfully achieved, it was decided that it would be beneficial to hold a second edition, to which RM Trainer is happy to accept a new invitation, namely to Rodolfo Oliveira and to thank the trust placed in giving one more training session.

Once again, many congratulations to the Clube de Surf Faro for boosting the population of Faro and for transmitting good habits!