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May 6, 2020
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Society is constantly evolving and they will be neither the strongest nor the most intelligent to survive, but those who best adapt to this change!

DATE: May 2020
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

In these last two months, RM Trainer felt the need for a huge adaptation, all in order to be able to maintain services and more than that, deliver to the customer, despite everything, a quality service, obviously putting no one in danger!

So there was a greater focus on online training, thus ensuring that those customers who decided not stop training in this period, could continue to do it in a monitored way, following the same personal training proccess that they had until now, but now at a distance, through video calling.

In these training sessions, the existing physical space and the available material are always taken into account when preparing the sessions. Your Trainer already knows them well and their limitations, so there are no major differences in the process here. Obviously, it will also always be taken into account and, if necessary, an adaptation of the session to the client´s psychological condition and motivation level.

In recent times, the presence of people in the digital world and their consumption has increased significantly, as has the offer. Nowadays, there are several classes accessible daily. But will all of these sessions be the most suitable for each one? Do they serve your specific goals? Are they the most suitable for you, which may have some limitations?

Nothing like training with those who already know you!

So RM Trainer decided to update the website, with the creation of the online service page.

Here are exposed the advantages of the service and also some precautions to be taken when choosing training programs.

At the same time, there is also the description of the RM Trainer App, totally personalized to you showing you all the advantages of its use.

Check this new page now by clicking Online Training!

RM Trainer will always remain focused on solutions and not on problems, adapting whenever necessary to better serve you!