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RM Trainer 1st Anniversary
September 29, 2020
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October 14, 2020

RM Trainer has completed the first year of existence! The actual date of foundation is March, but unfortunately it was not possible to celebrate in due time, due to the issues we all know.

DATE: September 2020
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

The opportunity has now arisen to bring together customers and friends for a playful activity that marked all those present, highlighting originality. We opted for water activities, in contact with Ria Formosa and in a special place and with special people like those who serve the Clube Surf de Faro.

Two groups were formed, one from Canoeing and the other from SUP (Stand Up Paddle) for a stroll along the Ria Formosa on Faro beach, moving us to the paradise that is Barrinha de Faro.

After a few moments for bathing, resting and enjoying the scenery, there was also the opportunity to replenish energy with the quality fruit that Delicifrutas de Vilamoura, more specifically Cláudia Barata, gave us. Thank you very much for your generosity!

The conviviality and good atmosphere among all participants was the dominant note!

Returning to the place of departure, there was still a surprise moment, with the participants facing a banquet of special oysters, provided by NMVL, Lda. Production and Marketing of Oysters from Ria Formosa, watered by the sparkling wine Lodo promoted by Miguel Gião.

This moment was not limited to the tasting but also to a complete explanation of the whole process of production and marketing of oysters given by Nuno Leonardo, a fact for which there is a record of enormous thanks! Probably the best oysters ever (general opinion of those present).

All of this happened in the premises of Clube Surf de Faro, where everything was facilitated by our friend Rodolfo Oliveira, better known by Didi and also by Ana Lúcia and with the support of João Ventura. From all the logistics to the formation of activities and monitoring of them, they were tireless and showed the difference and the reason for choosing the location, which in itself is already quite pleasant but it is people who really make all the difference. There are no words to thank these friends for all the experiences they have provided!

Those who do not know or have never tried the activities that the Clube Surf de Faro offers should do it soon. They are guaranteed remarkable experiences!

In short, it was a very well spent morning among the RM Trainer family.

A huge thanks then to all the participants and also to all those who could not be present and to those who follow daily and believe in the process, which is much more than a simple training!

Thank you very much for your confidence, that there is the capacity to always serve you with the excellence you deserve!