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March 24, 2021
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April 14, 2021

The growth of a brand must be constant and, in this case, expansion is part of that process.

DATE: March 2021
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

RM Trainer, previously only present in the Algarve, is growing and is now arriving with personal training services in Lisbon.

Do you live in or around Lisbon and want to train with a Personal Trainer? Here are some solutions…


The RM Trainer concept is to meet you wherever you want!

If you want to train outdoors, in a park, garden or beach then we have the option of Outdoor Training. We will meet you at the place that most suits you and we will take the necessary material for your training to be effective.

If you want to train at home, then we have the option of Home Training. Just open your home door and we will take the training to you. Get fit in the comfort of your home and save travel time!

If you want to train in a Studio, then we have the option of Indoor Training. We have an agreement for the use of space in a very well equipped and recently opened Studio with all the conditions for your training!

If you want the Personal Trainer to go to the gym / Helath Club where you usually train, it will also be possible by agreement with the owner.

The personal training service can be for one person (one to one) or for two (training in pairs) for those who prefer to train with a partner.

In all these options described above, the process includes a physical assessment for your specific case where all your progress and evolution will be recorded.

Finally, if you have a group of friends, family or co-workers and want to form a small training group, just contact us and indicate the desired location.


Personal Training is the most effective form of training to obtain results, whether directed to weight loss, toning, fat loss or building muscle mass, mobility, well-being and adaptation to a specific training for possible pathologies.

Set your goals together with your Coach and guarantee more results in a shorter period of time!


Through everything that has already been mentioned in terms of locations, our services can be provided in different places.

At the moment, we are operating in the areas of Cacém, Rio de Mouro, Sintra, Cascais and Belém. However, if you live in another location, it is enough for you to contact us and request the desired location. Our mission is to find you a solution!


This service is for all those who want to improve their physical condition and improve their quality of life through a new way of looking at day to day.


We are a team of professionals, graduated in Physical Education and Sport and trained in the area of Personal Training, ready to help you overcome the obstacles that prevent you from reaching a higher level of your physical condition.

Tired of regular gyms? RM Trainer gives you plenty of alternatives so that you can achieve your goals and be one of our success stories!


Get to know this training concept and live a remarkable experience!