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November 18, 2020
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December 9, 2020

Chicken breast is an excellent option, but if you eat more than you should, you won't be strong: you will be fat!

DATE: November 2020
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Health

RM Trainer is well aware of the importance of this theme! In fact, many of its customers face some doubts and in this article, we will clarify some points, mainly in relation to the ideal quantities to eat.

Note: reference will only be made to the food, leaving the supplements for another time.

An article by MH argues that in order for protein consumption to be as beneficial as possible, it is necessary to have weight, account and measurement.


Less than 200g daily

Contrary to what you might think, you should weigh the amount of chicken you eat. If you are a man of average height with about 76kg you need at least 200g per day. If you don't, you risk looking like a weekend gamer ... after a hangover: slow and not very productive. So, 200g of chicken guarantees the recommended daily allowance (DDR) of protein: 0.8 g per kilogram of body weight.

A minimal deficit of protein can prevent you from gaining muscle tissue. In addition to proteins, chicken contains high levels of selenium (39% of DDR per 100%), an important mineral that boosts fertility, reveals the University of Edinburgh (Scotland).

Extra tip: As if that weren't enough, the chicken is filled with heart protectors: a chicken sandwich guarantees 30% of the recommended daily portion of vitamin B6, which doubles the chances of avoiding heart disease compared to those who dispense this tasty meal.


Between 450 to 550g daily

This is where the chicken breast comes into play. It is thinner than a thigh: 100g of chicken breast guarantees 30g of protein and only 1g of fat. When compared to a similar portion, a piece of red meat has 15g of saturated fats, fatal to the arteries. Therefore, chicken is a natural winner.

But to improve the results, remove the skin before eating, because the saturated fat it raises the level of cholesterol, responsible for 27% of coronary heart disease, according to a published study in the journal Circulation. To gain body volume, eat 2.2g of protein daily for every pound of your body weight.

Extra tip: It is always important to mix with other sources of protein, so also eat salad with tuna for lunch and leave the grilled chicken for dinner. And always add some pine nuts to ensure another 14g of protein per meal. And to make it clear, fried chicken is banned. Just grilled!


Above 550g daily

If you are eating exclusively chicken, you risk losing other nutritional benefits. It is important not to set aside other protein resources such as fish, eggs and lean red meat. These guarantee necessary amounts of iron (good for the immune system) and B12 (important for energy metabolism).

Grill a tuna steak at dinner which, in addition to ensuring a lean protein intake, also has a good portion of vitamin D (present in tuna meat), ideal for fine-tuning mental processes, reveals a study from the University of Manchester (UK) ).

Extra tip: The excess chicken will only be used to spend your money, since the body has a limit on the protein it is able to assimilate. When you eat too much protein, the body will excrete it. To stay on top, worry about eating just the right amounts. In this case, the excess turns out to be your enemy.

In short, it will always be essential to choose the best and richest foods when it comes to protein. However, it will be no less important to control the ideal quantities since insufficiency does not matter and the excess the body will eventually eliminate.

Be sensible in your choices and combine a balanced diet with great workouts!