Online training for all?

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February 10, 2021
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February 24, 2021

Online training already existed, but this past year has obviously had a brutal growth, at least in the number of users.

DATE: February 2021
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Exercise

But is online training feasible and advisable for everyone? Yes, no, well it depends ... confused?

RM Trainer hereby gives its opinion on this topic since, nowadays, many have started to train through lives, apps and other means that they did not use before. In fact, some of these users did not even train before confinement.

And it's great to exercise during confinement! There are enormous physical and psychological advantages for those who are obliged to stay at home indefinitely. Now, it is also true that this practice can and should be minimally oriented...

Here are some tips to apply when choosing what to train, where and how:


When you exercise on your own initiative and follow a class that is taking place on internet, are you at least careful to analyze whether that class suits you? What is the purpose of the class? Will all exercises be right for you? Is there no contraindication for you in one exercise or another? Do you have the necessary material? Should you make any adjustments? Do you have the autonomy to make these adaptations?

If you experience these difficulties mentioned above it may be a good idea to exercise with the supervision of a qualified professional.


Another question is related to “catching up with whatever comes”, that is, will you make the live session available at that time but is it really what you need at that moment? If you do a training here and there with several different teachers, it will be normal to happen if it is not the session most suitable for you, or for not respecting the rest times and returning to work muscle groups that may still be massacred from the previous day's session, or because it may not be the stimulus that can best be adjusted at the moment.

Have you ever thought that on a bad day, which for some reason left you stressed and down, you might not need a screaming instructor and the music to be heard throughout the neighborhood but a mobility or relaxation session?


For example, how is it that someone who does a Live on social networks is corrected if the teacher / instructor of the class is just demonstrating to the camera and therefore, is not seeing you on the other side?

At most, it will be common for an instructor to teach a class to a private group composed of people he already knows, for example his students who already took that class in the gym, yet the correction still does not exist.

Obviously, the best solution will always be to carry out personal training online where you will only have PT online with you, giving you full attention.

If there is no such possibility, wouldn't it be better to choose platforms where several people can see each other and especially the teacher / instructor can see them and therefore correct them if necessary?


If you’re not sure, don’t risk it, do exercises that you’ve mastered! It will be completely avoidable to opt for complex exercises that you have never done and in ways never tried before, especially if there is no place for supervision and correction by the trainer.


You know that unfortunately accidents happen, right? So it will be important to create strategies to take precautions in case something goes wrong during training. If you are alone at home then it may be advisable to leave someone on call who can contact you after the session and help if you do not answer.

Anyway, these are some topics that RM Trainer finds pertinent to highlight.

Heads up! These points of view do not want to show only obstacles to the practice of physical exercise, on the contrary! The advice is always to be or stay active, but do it properly or in the best way possible!

So, answering the title of this opinion article, yes online training can be for everyone, without any doubt!

There is no type of discrimination here, not to the obese, to the diabetics, to the sedentary ... nor to anyone. Now, obviously, there must be the necessary individualized care for each of these and other cases, and it will also be advisable to have some criteria when choosing the sessions and the way they do them.

In the impossibility of being face to face with the person in charge, at least always try to be visible so that he knows that you are there and how you´re doing and feeling it.

For those who want to train online but have doubts about the best way to do it, RM Trainer can help, both with its personal training service online, as well as personal monitoring through an App where you can have your own training fully prescribed by a physical exercise professional.

Among these suggestions, if you identify with them, choose the one that best suits your specific case. Good training!