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July 13, 2021
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July 27, 2021

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DATE: July 2021
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

It makes perfect sense that RM Trainer has entered into a new partnership with a renowned Nutritionist in the market, so that our customers can have even more help on their way to success.

It is with great pleasure that we disclose this new connection with Nutritionist Joana Cruz, who will be fully available to help all customers and followers of RM Trainer, with her vast experience and knowledge in an area that is totally linked to those who practice physical exercise and maintain a healthy and regimented lifestyle.

So who is Joana Cruz?

Nutritionist with about 18 years of experience in various areas of clinical, community and sports nutrition.

After graduating from the Higher Institute of Health Sciences Egas Moniz, in 2015 he finished his Master's Degree in Exercise and Well-Being.

She was a mother for the first time and founded Espaço We in Portimão.

Currently, in addition to her main career as a mother of two children, she maintains her Espaço We, where she carries out her private nutrition consultation activity, coordinates the Advisory Office for Food and Physical Activity of the Municipality of Lagoa, provides training in the Fitness Academy and other entities to which she is frequently invited and accompanies high performance football athletes as a nutritionist for the professional teams, senior and Sub23, of Portimonense Futebol SAD.

With very busy days and a huge passion for her profession and her projects, but mainly for her family, she still tries whenever she can train in her space, accompanied by a professional personal training.

Her quality free time is spent with family and friends and preferably on the beach.

So, everyone is invited to come and meet Joana! We will certainly all have a lot to learn in this area as specific and delicate as nutrition.

After all, which one of us wouldn't want to deepen knowledge to apply in our daily diet and take our level to the next level?

RM Trainer will always continue looking to create new connections with quality professionals who can help their customers to achieve their best version!

Tell me what you eat, I'll tell you who you are!