Nutrition + Cooking Show

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December 4, 2019
14 tips to burn fat fast
December 18, 2019

RM Trainer took customers to the kitchen!

Last Saturday, December 7th, RM Trainer organized a Nutrition event for clients to help them improve their daily diet, which will help them achieve their goals more easily.

DATE: November 2019
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

The workshop “What to eat on a daily basis” started by nutritionist Filipa Viriato (1004N). The main points to be taken into account with regard to macronutrients, the best protein sources, the importance of hydration, measures and optimal portion sizes to be included in meals, among others, were addressed.

Some examples of breakfast, lunch / dinner and snacks with practical ideas to help you maintain a balanced daily diet, given your goals, were also shown.

This workshop could not end without reading important labels to help participants better understand the constituents of the products they consume most daily. They certainly were better prepared for a next visit to the supermarket.

Then nutritionist Filipa Viriato shared some important recipes like baked oatmeal and banana pancakes, hydrated oats, etc.

After the workshop, there was a show cooking where each participant helped to prepare their own lunch. Here the menu consisted of spring rolls with starter vegetables and grilled turkey steaks with orange sauce, cardamom and mustard, accompanied by quinoa with vegetables and sauteed spinach squash.

In short, it was a very healthy convivial lunch in a relaxed and spectacular environment with sharing experiences among all participants.

To all of them a word of thanks for your presence and performance.

Finally, would like to thank all those who supported this event and allowed it to be a success:

- SOCIAL RESTAURANT, for the availability of the “Anti-Social” room and for all the commitment of the staff, namely Bruno Fraga, so that everything could happen under the best conditions;

- DELICIFRUTAS, namely to Cláudia Barata, for the provision of high quality fruit that delighted everyone present at the event;

- PURA, for the availability of all required biological products;

- CLUBE DO BIBE, more specifically to its Director Helena Banha, for providing the projector that allowed us to present the Power Point workshop;

- WINDOW TO THE FUTURE, the partner who from day one supports RM Trainer in all its steps.

RM Trainer is very pleased with the outcome of this event and is confident that today its customers are better prepared and more knowledgeable about what they should or can improve in their daily diet. This will make it easier for everyone to reach their goals!