Lose weight with light foods

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April 21, 2019
Stop eating carbohydrates
May 10, 2019

According to an article by O Observador, Teresa Branco

a weight management expert with extensive experience in dealing with complex cases of overweight, responds to some pertinent issues which briefly highlight the following.

DATE: April 2019
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Health

2- If you eat only light foods or diet you can lose weight

Myth: It is known today that people who consume products of this type end up eating more because they are eating foods that would not make them fat. With this in mind, Teresa Branco says that "the best option is to practice a healthier and more effective diet, including natural foods, low processed, calorically controlled and adapted to each type of metabolism.

The use of light or diet foods may not be recommended as, for example, in some cases sugar is replaced by sweeteners or the caloric reduction is compensated with sugar. "Often, these products are processed and made up of unnatural substances that can even cause disruption in the person's hormonal profile, leading to a more advanced stage of difficulty in controlling weight," she explains.

One of the studies that sheds light on this issue was published in the International Journal of Obesity entitled The Pavlovian Approach to the Problem of Obesity.

The third Myth about Weight Loss will be published soon, stay tuned!