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New year, new life
January 6, 2021
Do you train online?
January 20, 2021

This seems to be an increasingly imminent reality and the most certain thing is that we will all spend more time at home again.

DATE: January 2021
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

But will we correct the mistakes made in the past? It is that, according to a set of studies carried out after the first confinement, the vast majority of people gained on average between 1.5 kg and 3 kg of body weight (and it was not muscle mass...).

Some have not yet recovered their fitness and have been going for a few months!


RM Trainer remembers the importance of its discipline in this period and of its responsibilities to keep healthy, both physically and psychologically.


The importance of staying active and taking some time out of your day for your workout at home is huge, whether it be physical with more vigorous exercises, or more relaxing exercises like meditation, stretching, etc.

Inevitably your routine will change a lot and the caloric expenditure will be severely affected, not to say non-existent!


It is also very important to know how to select your aids, both in terms of platforms to be used and which professionals to follow. We all know that there will soon be a “boom” of offers for online classes of all kinds again. But are they the most suitable for your particular case?

Okay, in general, the main objective of the majority is to be the simple well-being and maintenance of a general physical condition, however, you should always take into account your limitations and capabilities and also the material and space available.


At this point, certainly the references (brands, PTs, gyms, etc.) that you know in your area will be able to give you a professional and personal answer, as they do on a daily basis.


It remains then to choose the best way to train. If personal training is not possible with a professional then you will always have the opportunity to train online or be accompanied through an App with a training programmed specifically for you. Consult the market!


Obviously, training should always combine careful eating, resist temptations, otherwise it will be difficult not to gain unwanted weight. And attention, do not forget the hydration! These cold weather is very often associated with less hydration in general, which is a mistake as the need to hydrate remains vital despite the lesser feeling of thirst.

Anyway, these are RM Trainer's advice, which remains available to help as always, with personal training, online training and monitoring on the App.

For some, quarantine times reveal major outbreaks and improvements in fitness! Will you be one of those cases?

Be smart in your choices!