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August 31, 2021
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September 14, 2021

The beach days are ending, the kids are going back to school…so do you have more time for yourself? An excellent way to dedicate yourself is with exercise.

DATE: September 2021
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Exercise

RM Trainer warns, if you have recently started or are thinking about restarting physical exercise, don't expect miracles in the first weeks, as this practice should be seen as a long-term project!

Muscle development requires a lot of work and just going from a sedentary lifestyle to a lifestyle in which regular physical exercise is part of your daily routine is difficult in itself, even more so if you do it alone.

Be aware of your real abilities, don't overestimate them, thinking that we can perform all kinds of exercises that we often see in magazines and television can be quite harmful and increase your risk of injury. Exercise is a double-edged sword, which for one person may be beneficial, for another may pose an increased risk.

So, always make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, start with challenges that you are able to complete. A well balanced workout adapted to your real conditions will challenge your muscular system and improve your muscular coordination as well.

It is perfectly normal for you to feel lost if you are starting the process, as many of those who already practice also sometimes feel it.

Have you ever thought about exercising accompanied or in a group, in a monitored way? It is an excellent way to overcome the difficulties that all those who are starting to practice it. Not only will you have all the guidance of a qualified professional, but you will also exercise safely with exercises suitable for you and that will take you to a higher level where your progress and evolution will be clearly visible.

RM Trainer will always be at your disposal to help you with personal training that will mark you and give you a quick learning and autonomy for your training process. The results will be very visible!

So, make wise choices and make the best use of physical exercise and your free time.