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March 10, 2021
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March 24, 2021

What are the reasons that the Portuguese point to don´t practice physical exercise?

DATE: March 2021
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Exercise

It is known that when it comes to training, most people instinctively look for a reason (or excuse) not to do it ...

RM Trainer has the notion that Personal Trainer has always had the most competitive profession in the world as everything is a priority for training! Well, of all the day-to-day commitments, for the vast majority, training invariably moves to the end of the list.

But what will be the main factors that lead the Portuguese to resist so much the practice of physical activity? According to an article from MH based on data from the Direção Geral da Saúde, there are 3 major factors, they are:

Lack of motivation (45%)


So think, what strategies can you use to get around this situation? What kind of training do you like more? Indoor or outdoor? Alone or in a group? Do you have autonomy or need help? How much time do you have to train? How many times a week would be ideal?

If you still do not reach a conclusion, you may need to seek the help of a technician professional who will guide you through this process, at least in an initial phase, giving you the push you need to build up and become active.

Have you thought about doing the experience of training a month with a Personal Trainer? Believe me, the hardest thing will be to leave it at the end!

In addition to being able to show you the best way through personal training (online or in person), RM Trainer can also provide you with access to the RM Trainer App where you can have your training completely personalized on your mobile phone.

Lack of time or lack of company (40%)


Lack of time is the EXCUSE most used by the vast majority of people for not training. But did you know that 1 hour of your day corresponds to only 4% of the complete day? Even more, what if I tell you that this time can also include bathing and not just training? Yes, nowadays more and more it will make sense that the workouts are short as long as with due intensity.

Training guided by a Personal Trainer is the most effective form of training where you get results in a shorter period of time! So is not this the ideal option for those who are so busy proclaiming themselves?

Even accepting that you are the busiest person in the world, the question remains: “But what if you had time?” where would your training fit?

Would it be at the end of the day, risking that any unexpected work or personal life could jeopardize the training? Or would it be early in the morning while the world sleeps and you can have your period without interruptions? Have you ever imagined the feeling of accomplishment right before you even started your daily hustle and bustle? In addition to the obvious feeling of well-being and pleasure that serotonin and other hormones released in your body will provide you…

Is it really that difficult to wake up a little earlier to accomplish this task? You can start solving this issue by organizing yourself the day before by going to bed earlier… Did you know that successful people go to bed at 10 pm on average and get up at 5 am on average? Think about what would be different on your day if you kept this schedule ... Still, need some company?

Okay, but have you really probed your friends about the possibility of training together? Or do you assume at the outset that you can't find anyone? In the whole universe of your friends, family or colleagues, is it that no one accompanies you? Maybe you should rethink your companies… (just a tip)

In fact, if your training partner joins at great cost almost out of obligation then it is better to train alone as he will only "pull you down" and will be more of an obstacle than a solution.

Instead, it may be a good idea to team up with someone who is already motivated and who is in the habit of training, as this will certainly be more likely to get that motivation you lack and to continue the process over time.

Physical disability, illness or fear of injury (15%)


If you have any limitation to physical exercise then it will be essential to be guided by a specialist, be it Doctor, Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer or whatever it is to guide you in the best way. Now it is also certain that there will most likely be some way of adapting the type of exercise to your condition!

In these cases, it will be essential, first of all, that you accept that you need help in the sense of guidance, thus being aware of what you can or cannot do. Then it will be a matter of analyzing whether you will be able to do it yourself or if you should be accompanied.

Giving up without trying is never the solution!

Thus, it appears that all these reasons cited as reasons for not practicing physical exercise can be demystified. There is always a way to get around the issue, as long as we really want to!

RM Trainer finishes with a great maxim. Have you noticed that when we are healthy we neglect our health completely and only give it real value when we lose it?

Well, it was only when we were sick that we really thought about the importance of staying healthy and what we could have done to avoid it...

Be smart and treat your health in the best possible way, it is your most precious asset!