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April 20, 2019
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Choosing a program from a Fitness website or magazine andtrying it is not wrong

but getting these programs and setting high hopes for your results is that not only will defraud you, it will make you lose your time too.

Without secrets, what you have to do is customize the program to yourself! This is the great answer to the title of this article.

DATE: April 2019
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Exercise

Some key points:

1.Warm up: we should all value our spine. It is common to see people warming their arms and legs and shoulders and chest, but neglecting the spine!

Start your warming up with at least 1 or 2 spine mobility exercises, and legs too!

2. Identify your weaknesses: you can not do pull ups but you insist on doing them (often badly done). It may be best to do progression exercises that will help you achieve the final exercise.

3. Have you heard about scapular mobility? It is vital to strengthen this point if you are training your upper body. The same for hip mobility while training the lower body.

4.Stretching is boring! No, it's not! Include it after the workout and stretch actively before any workout as well. This will awaken the most critical parts of your joints and pump blood into them. During stretching we use a greater range of motion than the exercise we are warming to protect it from possible injuries.

What is the appropriate volume?

Start with fewer repetitions and series, then adapt and progress ... here also you have to take into account your specific goals.

How many exercises per muscle?

It depends on what muscles we are talking about, but at an early stage it will usually be recommendable to up to two exercises per muscle group. If you exaggerate at this point you may be reducing the rate of adjustment and confusing the muscle at all.

What is the indicated charge?

There is much (wrongly) the tendency to add more weight and ask someone for help in order to perform the defined repetitions. Many times that someone will do the last repetitions for us.

Leave the ego aside and perform the exercise with the charge indicated for you. With dedication and insistence in training you will be able to progress soon.


Listen to your body and respect it! Often the more it becomes less. It is not by training more often the same muscle group that he will improve, if he does not give him the necessary recovery he will regress.

In short, the key will be to adapt the training to you! Its characteristics, needs, goals and limitations are yours and yours alone.

Look for a specialized professional to help you and guide you in the process and then you will gain time to achieve the desired results.

Have good training sessions!