How long to success?

How long are the sessions?
June 1, 2022
I start after holidays!
June 21, 2022

This question is unavoidable. The vast majority, if not all, people ask us “When do you think I can achieve my goals?”

DATE: June 2022
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

The answer to that question is, it depends!

In the RM Trainer opinion it depends on many factors, it depends on how your body will behave in the face of the “aggression” of training and the consequent adaptation and reaction. Afterwards, it will depend a lot on your motivation and behavior, especially when you are not in the presence of your Trainer.

Your discipline will be a key part of the whole process, whatever your goal!

We will outline the way forward together and we will always be in your support, however there is a large part that will have to be done by you. Compliance with this plan is essential to achieving your goals.

We have clients that achieve excellent results in the first month, others can only accelerate and get into the rhythm a little later...

In short, the greater your dedication and commitment, the shorter the results will obviously be! Does it make sense to you?


It will be worth it!