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March 31, 2021
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April 20, 2021

In recent years, one of the most cited reasons to justify a sedentary lifestyle has been the lack of time!

DATE: April 2021
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

Whether due to overload of work hours or difficulties in the family management of their free time to dedicate themselves to physical exercise, everything serves for the population, in this case the Portuguese (one of the most sedentary in the world) to continue to abstain from physical exercise.

Nowadays, with the paradigm shift with this new reality that we are experiencing, curiously the lack of time continues to be pointed out as one of the main impeding reasons to become active or to continue your physical activity.

Another strong reason is, at this moment, with the insecurity felt by many, when they go to the gyms. Many refer to not wanting to go back to the gym where they always trained.

Is this a new reality to take into account? RM Trainer presents here some solutions for this situation.

Regardless of whether you are in a telecommuting situation or not, would training be easier for you? Yes, personal home training is a reality and you can train at home!

Learn about some of the advantages of Personal Home Training:

COMFORTABLE - you can train in the comfort of your home;

CONVENIENT - just open the door to your Trainer, he will come to you;

TIME OPTIMIZATION - train at your preferred time, without wasting time in traffic with commuting;

RESULTS OPTIMIZATION - short and effective training aimed at your specific goals;

INSURANCE - train in a manner accompanied by a qualified professional;

PERSONALIZATION - training adapted to you and the spatial conditions and materials available;

HYGIENE - compliance with all safety parameters on the part of your Trainer.


In addition to the services provided in the Algarve, RM Trainer also now offers its Customized Home Training in Lisbon, in addition to Outdoor Training Lisbon, with a team formed for this purpose.

We already operate in the areas of Sintra, Cascais, Oeiras, Belém, etc. But even if your location is different, contact us and we will meet you!

In addition to all these advantages, you will also have access to a personal App programmed by your Trainer so that you can train in a guided way also on days that you will not be accompanied.

This way, you will not have to take any risks when having contact with other people when traveling to the gymnasiums (unfortunately still present at this stage) and you will be able to exercise effectively and in the comfort of your home.

RM Trainer thus continues to focus on the various solutions that can serve you.

Stay active. Your health and your immune system will be grateful!