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August 4, 2020
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September 2, 2020

This week the sharing has to do with something that we consider very important, having a good time spent with the family, practicing physical activity and in contact with nature.

DATE: August 2020
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

Everything happened at Clube Surf de Faro, where we already feel at home and where we are treated like family.

The idea was to bring the family together and provide unforgettable moments for two children, who, because they live in the heart of Alentejo, do not have the opportunity of easy access to the Surfing practice. And isn't it that the parents also enjoyed the ride and they also surfed the crest of the wave?

For you who´s reading and, at this moment, thinking “I even liked it, but Surf is not for me…, I could never do that…” because these parents also thought and felt the same. However, they were not aware that they would have the best of teachers to guide them.

Yes, with Rodolfo Oliveira nobody is left behind, not even those who are not very comfortable in the water. Everyone leaves the water much more confident and happy, feeling like authentic surfers! Imagine the children...

Anyway, have you ever stopped to think that maybe we should change the automated behavior that we adults have to offer toys or material goods to kids that they either don't need or will use very little? At the same time that it provides unforgettable moments, you can also participate and have a great time!

At Clube Surf de Faro there are several activities, from Surf, to Bodyboard, to Sup or Canoeing and you can choose your favorite.

All of this in a very accessible way and in a paradisiacal place very close to the Ria Formosa.

This family experience is strongly advised! You can make your reservation at:

Email: or Rodolfo Oliveira - 916168912 and Manuel Mestre - 963417671

RM Trainer has no words to thank, both Rodolfo Oliveira and Ana Lúcia Andrade Oliveira who, in order to provide this excellent day to a family, sacrificed themselves and abstained from being with their own family on a supposed rest day. Thank you so much for everything!