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September 2, 2020
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For many people it is a villain, for others a complete food. Controversy aside, get to know the egg diet better and whether it is worth a try.

DATE: September 2020
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Health

Increasingly, the egg has aroused the interest of nutritionists and researchers, according to a Bwizer article. In this context, the egg diet is a popular diet that promises fast weight loss.

But is it really effective?

This diet implies the consumption of this ingredient in the daily diet, along with other clean proteins, vegetables and fruits.

Ideally the egg should be eaten cooked, in such a way that the diet is usually known precisely as the boiled egg diet. This is because this method of cooking does not change the caloric value of the food.

- 4 Egg Diet Benefits

It is a very satiating food, which greatly benefits in its favor, in addition to being rich in various nutrients essential to the body. Therefore, for those who want to lose weight, this can be an alternative to consider.

Know some advantages:


Since the egg contains protein, vitamins and minerals concentrated in few calories, this food helps with weight loss when it overlaps and replaces other foods.


A functional food provides not only basic nutrients, but also beneficial substances for the body. In the case of eggs, we are talking about vitamin B12 and vitamin A, which are excellent for memory, vision and the immune system; and minerals, magnesium and calcium, which prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.


It is a food that is fast and cheap to produce, which means that it has a very attractive selling price to the public as well, even in biological terms.


Although boiled egg consumption should be privileged, this food has several forms of preparation, equally tasty and can integrate different types of meals, whether breakfast, main meal or snack.

Disadvantages of the egg diet:

Although the egg diet is praised for the fast weight loss it achieves, it is also criticized for being extremely restricted and eliminating various foods, such as: potatoes, bananas, dry fruit, bread, pasta, etc.

This makes the diet difficult to maintain (due to the large caloric deficit and restrictions on food groups) and also makes people feel low energy throughout the day.


Is it worth following the egg diet?

If your goal is to lose weight, you do not need to follow the egg diet, as it is very restricted and is something that (probably) you will not be able to maintain in the long run.

The most important is the calories monitoring. It doesn't matter if you eat eggs or not to lose weight. What matters is to consume fewer calories than you expend!

Eggs are a good choice to have in your diet, there is no denying it. It is a low calorie and very satiating food, as well as foods rich in protein (chicken and turkey steaks, as well as tuna for example).

It all depends on where it starts. If you want to lose weight, make progressive changes. Perhaps in the first week you will remove the calorie sodas. Then, eliminate fast food and start exercising at a low intensity. And so on...

Make continuous improvements to your eating plan, not drastic changes, as these are not sustainable (most of the time).

To lose weight you only need to consume fewer calories than you expend and exercise helps you to spend more calories.

The egg diet is a temporary diet. Try to find an eating plan that you can maintain for the long term.

RM Trainer follows the idea of these nutritionists. Balance will be the key word, both in food and in the adoption of a healthy lifestyle where it will be essential to combine physical exercise.