Burnout, how to avoid it?

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July 29, 2019
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Burnout: The syndrome caused by overwork. How to avoid it?

Burnout: Do you know what we are talking about? Burnout or burn-out is an English term and means "burn to exhaustion". If you have not come across this name yet, find out what it is about, what the symptoms are, and how we can avoid and treat it.

DATE: August 2019
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Health

According to U-FIT, the origin of burnout syndrome is due to a level of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and loss of personal fulfillment, leading to a feeling of extreme tiredness, apathy and lack of mood. Burnout syndrome may express differently in each person, but the symptoms are quite identical. Many health professionals associate burnout with a complex response to stress, most often caused by overwork.


The cause of burnout syndrome is very much associated with sources of stress inherent in professional activity, organizational factors and even personal factors. This can happen when there is increased competitiveness at work, constant pressure, overloading tasks (and difficulty getting them done), improper changes in working hours, among other factors. Also the bad environment experienced in workplaces, as well as relationships between colleagues or personal matters can potentiate the onset of burnout syndrome, without our noticing.


- Constant feeling of tiredness

- Appetite and sleep disorders (constant insomnia)

- Apathy, loss of motivation and lack of courage

- Weaker immune system

- Headache, muscle and lower back pain

- Gastrointestinal problems

- High pressure

- Low productivity

- Concentration difficulty

- Loss of self-esteem and self-fulfillment

How to avoid:

- Maintain a balance between work and personal life

- Play some kind of sport

- Find the source of possible problems and find the best way to solve them

- Avoid situations that cause us any anxiety or nervousness

- Make favorable changes to our routine

- Seek to maintain good interpersonal relationships

- Participate in leisure activities

- Seek to be well with oneself

- Do not take any medication without first consulting a healthcare professional.

Recommended treatment:

In extreme cases it is necessary to resort to some kind of treatment which is advised by appropriate health professionals such as psychologists or psychiatrists.

Most people end up not having this help because they cannot identify that they may be suffering from this syndrome, so it is crucial to be aware first of all, then of others around us in order to recognize this pathology and so we can help.