And if I can´t do it?

Is it hard to train with a PT?
March 1, 2022
Is this for me?
March 15, 2022

This is another one of the fears we face when we meet with someone who wants to start training.

DATE: March 2022
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

Last week, RM Trainer started a discussion on our Blog about the biggest fears and doubts people have presented to us when looking for our services.

This time, the block has to do with the fear of not being able to perform the exercises that the PT requests, which are very difficult or inappropriate to his physical condition at the moment.

Do not worry! At RM Trainer, you are guaranteed to only perform exercises that you can perform and where you feel comfortable.

In fact, the exercises are selected specifically for you and for what will make the most sense for you, taking into account your possible limitations and goals to be achieved with training.

In addition, you will always have our help, with progressions / regressions in the exercises whenever necessary.

Your training will be unique and will always respect your individuality, that is, everyone does not do the same training here!

So, as you can see, this is not even close to a good reason to don´t start training now at:

See you soon!