Am I making progress?

What material will be needed?
April 12, 2022
3rd RM Trainer Anniversary
April 26, 2022

Another very pertinent question that has to do with following the evolution and knowing how the parameters of our customers are measured.

DATE: April 2022
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

At RM Trainer, getting your results is the most important thing in the whole process!

Whatever your goals, there will be an evaluation process in the first training session and a re-evaluation in the last training session of the selected pack and so on.

What does this assessment consist of?

There are basic and general parameters (obtained on a specific scale), but in reality you will be evaluated in more depth (in body measurements and some tests) in what is most important and makes the most sense for you.

All this data will be registered in your RM Trainer App and easy to consult whenever you want.

In fact, every session will be important to measure your progress through progressions or regressions in exercises, whether they are strength, endurance or flexibility/mobility.

Obviously here, the constant feedback from your Trainer will also be essential!

Does it make sense to you?


It will be worth it!