7 Cross training myths

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Currently Cross training has become a very popular sport discipline that has been adding more and more followers.

DATE: January 2022
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Exercise

This modality is gaining more and more fans thanks to the dynamism of each session due to the great diversity of exercises, the motivation they imply and the benefits and good results they allow to achieve.

However, according to a Metropolitan article, its popularity has caused some myths to spread around this same discipline that can raise some doubts to people when joining.

RM Trainer shares 7 myths about Cross training so you can learn a little more about this discipline and start training with confidence.

It is a sport that combines and integrates functional training activities, muscle toning and physical condition with a high energy expenditure. For this reason, a Cross training session includes a wide variety of exercises from different disciplines such as weight lifting, resistance tests, use of gymnastic elements, etc.

Let's go to the myths.

It involves a higher risk of injury. FALSE

As with any sport activity, there is a possibility of injury if not performed correctly. To minimize the risk of injury, it will always be important to use correct technique, have professional guidance and perform warm-up exercises. In addition, it is important that the practice is progressive, always respecting your limits and according to your abilities and physical condition.

It's not good for your health. FALSE

Physical exercise is one of the fundamental pillars to enjoy good health. This is a discipline full of benefits that allows you to improve physical fitness, gain muscle mass, lose weight, strengthen muscles and joints and improve cardio respiratory fitness. In addition, it will also help you improve your mood.

It's not for everyone. FALSE

It can be practiced by everyone, regardless of physical condition, age or gender. One of the advantages of this discipline is that it offers a wide variety of exercises that can be adapted to each person depending on their physical capacity. In this way, by varying the duration, intensity and weight, the same exercise can be done by anyone.

It's elitist. FALSE

It is not an elite sport aimed only at high-performance athletes, as it can be practiced from a beginner to a professional athlete. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a certain physical condition or to be in shape, as the exercises are adaptable to any level. The important thing is to progress and improve your performance.

It's competitive. FALSE

Although there are professional Cross training competitions, this is a modality that can be practiced individually or in a team without the need to compete. In addition, the classes highlight the values of cooperation and mutual respect, as everyone has their own limitations and abilities. Practicing it as a team can be a great option to encourage and motivate you to give your best.

Is very difficult. FALSE

It doesn't have to be difficult if you do it right. It is an accessible and adaptable practice for everyone. To do this, you will have to listen to your body and use one weight or another, depending on your skills, so that it is not extremely difficult for you. As you practice, your body gains capacity and resistance and you can later increase the intensity of the exercises.

Develops huge muscles. FALSE

The goal is not hypertrophy and you will not develop huge bodybuilding muscles. Muscle gain is not just based on intense training, it also involves a balanced diet and a long period of preparation. Therefore, Cross training will not make you build a lot of muscle, but it can help you tone them, lose weight or lose fat.

In RM Trainer opinion´s this is, without a doubt, an excellent training option which should always be as adapted to you as possible. With a good professional accompanying the process, the results will be visible.

In fact, this is one of the types of training that you can access in our Personal Training services. Contact us now and have a unique training experience!

Good training!