2nd RM Trainer Anniversary

I can’t train because…
March 17, 2021
RM Trainer in Lisbon
March 31, 2021

RM Trainer celebrates second year of existence this March.

DATE: March 2021
AUTHOR: Rui Madeira | Others

Take advantage of the date to make a very special and sincere thanks to all those who follow the Brand regularly, from customers to partners, passing by all friends and simple curious and passionate about Fitness, more specifically in the Personal Training area.

Start with all Customers, who have decided to change something in their lives and have placed their trust in the services provided by RM Trainer, experiencing personal training as a means to achieve the intended ends.

You are the real reason for the existence of this brand, because without customers no one will survive! A huge thank you and hope that there will continue to be the strength to always serve you in the best way you deserve!

Sincere congratulations to all those who have managed to improve their lives in some way. Your victories are the joys and the real purpose of this project!

We sincerely apologize also to those who, in some way, we have not managed together to reach the initial expectations.

Then, to all Partners and suppliers who, through different ways, allow the RM Trainer to be projected to higher levels. To all of you, a huge thank you for your support and especially for your friendship!

Last but not least, a thank you to family and friends, some for the unconditional support of always, others for simply being present and never missing. It is very difficult for anyone to survive and achieve professional success without this pillar of personal life being very consistent and in that aspect, the feeling of privilege and gratitude is remarkable!

We will enter a third year with all the will to continue to provide a quality service, also to embrace new projects and to continue to make a contribution to society, which is still quite sedentary, helping more and more people to achieve their well-being and to discover their best versions.

RM Trainer here will continue as long as there is the capacity to meet your demanding expectations!

Excellence is the art of those who do it with their hearts!